Waitresses at War: Few things waitresses would want you to know

Waitresses around the world are getting piss. They are planning to go on all out war, with those they serve. It is like they are getting tired of the way people treat them. In order to help save the world from this war, we plan to let you on a little secret about waitresses.

“Good evening gentlemen, welcome to the Musu’s Spot. My name is ______ and I will…”
“Absolute Vodka, please, with a lime.”
“Absolutely, I’ll be right back with that.”

Would you cut someone off, someone you just met at a party when s/he is introducing herself/himself? No, you wouldn’t do such, so why do you do it to waitresses? I guess it is because, when you go out to wine and dine, you expect to be given the best service cause you are paying for it. So you would expect to be given a table upon arrival, a cheerful waiter, your food promptly and water glass always full.

But instead, the waiter comes back to your table and forgets the lime. How dare she? She had one job. What a b##ch, right? Wrong. Right after you asked for your vodka with lime, another customer may have poked her in the back and asked her to get more ketchup before the fries got cold.

She may have gone back to the service station for ketchup, vodka and lime. Instead, she discover that her two strawberry daiquiris hadn’t yet been made for the couple at table 2B. Or is it 2C? I think they moved, so they might be 2C now. But the bartender tells her she has to get more daiquiri mix from the storage and that they have no limes. She runs storage, grabs the mix, runs back to the bartender, gets the vodka, grabs the ketchup, goes to deliver the vodka and gets poked in the back with an accompanying, “My ketchup!”

Whatever, she had one job. Now, there goes her tip. Anyway this is enough storytelling for one day, and it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Below are a list of things waiters wish customers knew:

Your seat is not random

We assign seating based on the amount of members in your group. So if you came alone, we would give you a two seating table. Cause it wouldn’t make sense to give a four seating table, just because you want it.

Do not interrupt your server during his or her introduction

Your server simply wants to welcome you, tell you his or her name for future reference and ask if you want to hear the specials. It is rude to interrupt — your drink order can wait 30 seconds.

If you are in a rush, tell us as soon as we greet you

Firstly, if you are in a rush, you might want to reconsider a sit-down restaurant. However, if you do choose to come in and are in a hurry, let us know immediately so we can take your order right away and try to bump up your meal in the kitchen.

We are trained to give you leisure time to look at the menu, so if you want to skip that, let us know and we will do our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Only tell a server you are ready to order when you are actually ready

Do not be afraid to ask for more time if you are not yet ready. The time we spend waiting for you to decide on your meal could be reallocated to another waiting customer.

If you want additional condiments, order them with your meal

If you want something with your meal, like a side of ranch dressing, let the server know during your order. This way, it can all come together. It saves you time and saves the server a second trip when your food arrives.

Look at the waitresses when you are placing an ordering

Acknowledging your server with eye contact is not only respectful, but also makes it easy for him or her to hear you. A mumble into your menu is nearly impossible to understand in a noisy restaurant.

We are not trying to get with your date

Just because waiters are polite and friendly does not mean we want to steal your girlfriend or boyfriend. We are just there to do our job and take both of your orders, so do not give us dirty looks for doing so.

Be aware of how long your order takes to make

If you order a well-done steak and a mojito, know will take significantly longer to produce than fries and a beer.

Do not snap your fingers or touch the waitresses when you want something

We already know that this job is not glorified. Adding in disrespect makes us feel even more belittled. We tell you our name so you can use it. Be polite and we will love you for making our job more manageable.

Do not interrupt your server while she is waiting on another table

By doing so, you not only offend the server, but also the other customers.

Leave a cash tip

We don’t make a lot of money doing this job. So leave  us tips to show that you liked our service.