Cleaning Tips: Essential Cleaning Supplies

Many of times we go to the supermarket not knowing what all we need for cleaning. So for this very reason, I decide to write this blog as a helping guide for our readers. If you still can’t handle the task, contact Maid Brigade Services for any help you may require. Below is a list of essential supplies. By using what is listed below, you will ensure that your place stays sparkling clean.

cleaning products

It’s impossible to tackle any big job without the proper tools — and spring cleaning is no exception! Make dirt and stains a distant memory with these essentials.

All-Purpose Cleanser – Perfect for most surfaces that require gentle to moderate cleaning. Safe to use on most surfaces.

Rubber Gloves – Protect you hands from chemicals and the drying effects of soaps and waters with thick rubber material.

Mild Abrasive Cleaner – For grime and stains that won’t budge with a more general cleaner. Check the label before using on surfaces.

Sponge – Use with multi-purpose cleanser to lend power to your cleaning. Try both sides for different effects.

Glass Cleaner – Use on windows and mirrors for a flawless, streak-free shine guarantee they keep shining.

Scrub Brush – Great for giving your efforts an extra kick on greasy or other tough-to-clean messes.

Note: There’s an endless number of products out there, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep a home looking nice. So, when it comes to cleaning your house, less is definitely more… not less cleaning, but cleaning with less harmful ingredients. Or better yet, zero harmful ingredients. For many, “deep clean” means that strong chemical smell… you know, the one you’re certain has killed off any existing germs. But it’s possible to get a great clean without those chemicals and without messing with the air quality inside your home.