The Struggle of Female Entrepreneurs

In this vast world of entrepreneurship, females face more significant challenges than their male counterparts.

This article posted on Maid Brigade Services, Liberia, will tackle a few of the principal challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. We are sure many of the females in Liberia, and the world as a whole will relate to this.

Female entrepreneurs in Liberia face a massive problem in acquiring capital which would help them bring their big dream to life all because of circumstances face within their country of origin. 85% of female entrepreneurs in Liberia find it difficult to start a business and as well as keeping the business moving. An obvious reason is, because most times, they do not have a fixed capital to start a  business, and since they are ladies, they might experience some form of sexual exploitation, before they might get the funds needed to start the business. Their lack of funding might be because there are not many women in the funding or banking sector. If this isn’t the case, they might face a problem with a lack of educational resources and mentors for their businesses.

Due to the lack of educational resources and mentors, females entrepreneur have no way of understanding how to go about starting their business. Lack of educational resources, women may not be aware of profitable business ideas, technology or market Knowledge and, this may lead to low achievement motivation among women in Liberia. They also face the struggle of being taken seriously in their business endeavor. There is still the stigma in Liberia, other parts of Africa or the world at large that women are not suitable to handle or hold higher positions in Companies, Banks, and political arena. Although the United Nations is pushing the “Gender Equality” agenda, and fighting for women rights around the world, it is still very slowly adopted in Africa.

Since female entrepreneurs are not taken seriously, they are afraid to own up to their accomplishments. These females in most cases would state their achievements while using the words like “we, they, our.” Awarding their wins to the entire group of the organization, which isn’t right in my eyes. Women should never allow their accomplishments to be hidden, if females did it, we would like to know and hear about it.

Female entrepreneurs may also struggle with balancing their business and family life. Due to their workload, they may start spending less and less time with their family. Spending less time with the family could also lead to problems in their relationships and marriage. However, females spend much time on their business because they want their dreams to become a reality, and fear failure.

Most females have a problem coping with a fear of failure, because when they set their mind on something, they put their all into it. Putting all of your time and sweat into something and it doesn’t succeed is a painful thing to feel. This feeling comes to the surface when the business starts to move slowly, causing females to stress and overthink.
Finally, if the above-stated problems or dilemma isn’t enough for the female entrepreneurs, they also face the challenge of dealing with men, and debtors’ issues. In Liberia, we call it “wahala”.


In spite of the struggles and challenges female entrepreneurs face, they continue to fight and strive to succeed despite the roadblocks. With this driving force from women, I can predict that in a few years from now, Liberia and the world at large is going to see a rapid growth of females doing business in professional services. Also, females education levels will increase and will propel them into participating in the labor market, in fields such as Computer science, Engineering and even Politics. Furthermore, having or developing a women support group will go a long way in empowering female entrepreneurs in Liberia.