Our Environment is Killing Us

Our environment can have a major impact on our health in many way. Newton once said, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This saying also applies to our surroundings, meaning our environment. There are many things in the environment that are good for you, such as clean water and air, vitamin D that comes from the sun, and healthy foods.

But there are also some hazards in the environment that is dangerous to your health. These include dirty air or water, and dirty environment. Our environment plays a very important role to our health. So by learning about hazards in your environment that can harm your health, you can take charge of you life and live better.

The effect of a dirty environment is more vivid in the death of adults and children in Africa, but we will only be talking about Liberia. It might be that standing that predicts longevity, not location. In other words, poor places may have worse health because poor people live in poor places, and poor people have worse health than the rich.

This distinction is rather important. If it were the people and not the places that mattered for health, then moving people from a poor area to a rich area would do nothing for them. Similarly, if geographical variations in health were all down to who lives where, investing in neighborhoods would do nothing either. One would need to invest in people, not places.

Our own studies confirm that mental illness and self-reported health problems vary more among areas for people lower in the social hierarchy. One question therefore had a simple answer. For those of low social status, health is made even worse by living in a poor area. There is a kind of double jeopardy.

Now you may be thinking what is s/he talking about, and wondering if this is leading to an important fact. Yes it is, because the majority of illnesses in Liberia is mostly malaria, and typhoid. These illnesses are the result of dirty environments. The insect which infect people with malaria breeds in dirty water, and typhoid comes rodents and cockroaches.

So what do all these insects and rodents have in common? The simple answer to this question, would be dirty environment. A wise man once said, “a hint to the wise is sufficient.” So cleaning your surroundings will help save you money, and you can live better life with great health.