Life as a Liberian Domestic Maid

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Liberian Domestic Maid: Introduction

My name is Mardea Bropleh, and I’m a Liberian domestic maid. As a maid, I’ve to wake up everyday around 5:30am, so that I can make it to work on time. Imagine I live in the Caldwell and  boss, madame Parker lives in Sinkor, Old Road. My typical day as a housemaid begins with me taking my bath and getting dressed for work. After that, I get my older children ready, and prepare them breakfast making sure they are ready for school.

Once the older kids are ready, I make sure that my 2 years old baby is dressed and fed. I then leave her with my cousin, who lives next door. Even though, I leave my home at 6:30am to make it at work around 8:00am, I sometimes arrive late due to traffic. As there is only one major route to Old Road in Liberia.

Due to this, I have received a written warning from my boss, which states that I can no longer be late for work. She doesn’t want to believe my excuse for being late, and I do try my best not to be late when other people constantly lie. Anyways, when I get to work I change into my uniform, wash my hands, put the kettle on and get the tea tray ready.

Liberian Domestic Maid: More in depth explanation

After preparing the tea, I then give my boss her breakfast and once that’s done, I go and wake up the boys. I look after 3 wonderful boys, and give them their breakfast. These kids are very good and respectful. They listen and do what I ask or tell them to do. As I was saying, I then take their bath and dress them up for the day. I put the baby of whom is 6 months old on my back while I clean up the house. Also by this time, their parents have left for work.

Look, this work is really hard for me because these kids enjoy playing and messing of the house. So I have to be very careful because if their parents get home and the house isn’t cleaned, I am in serious trouble. I am also not allowed to put on the TV because my madame wants me playing and interacting with the baby. So most mornings, I take him out to play and he falls asleep every time.

During this time of the baby being asleep, I make the lunch for the family. Sometimes I have to put the 3 year old boy on my back while I iron their clothes. But this isn’t done every single day. It only happens after I have done the laundry. I also clean the house after every few hours due to the boys but it is fun watching them play.

Liberian Domestic Maid: When do you leave work

Most days, I leave work at 6:30pm so that I can spend sometime with my family once I get home. It is not easy being a house maid, it is a very difficult job and we do not really get paid well for what we do or even appreciated as we should. We are sometimes look down upon but we continue doing what we do.

Liberian Domestic Maid: Benefits of being hired through an agency

When a domestic staff is hired through an agency, s/he gets paid much higher, gets to be respected, and also gets appreciated. This isn’t all that they benefit from, because s/he also gets trained and taught into becoming a professional domestic staff. For more information about what you as a maid can benefit from an agency, please contract “The Maid Brigade Services“. We would be glad to help you become a successful domestic staff in Liberia.