How to Fix Wrong Babysitter Behavior

Does your babysitter snoop around? Show up late for work? Spoil your kids? If yes, how would you respond to these wrong behaviors? We at Maid Brigade Services, are sure it would depend on the severity of the offense, and whether you plan to keep the babysitter. Maid Brigade Services’ guide will help you set your babysitter straight or decide whether to let her go.

Leaves dirty dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor

What to do: Should you let it go or bring it up gently

dirty dishesWe at Maid Brigade Services know it is nice to come home to a sparkling clean house, but a little extra cleanup is a small price to pay for a maid. “I don’t like coming home to a messy kitchen,” says Martha, a mom of three in Monrovia. “But my babysitter’s job is to keep my kids safe and entertained, and not housekeeping.”

Putting toys away is a different story, and this is something your kids can do with the help of the babysitter. Try and explain that cleanup time is an important part of their daily routine. Also let the babysitter know that it would help teach the kids how to be responsible for their belongings.

Babysitter been snooping around

Annoyance rating: Replace her with a better babysitter

Some babysitters take the expression “Make yourself at home” literally. So please let your babysitter know what areas are off-limits, and be specific about the rules regarding your personal stuffs, like your laptop or PC. You might say it’s okay to play a video game with your kids but don’t watch adult movies around the kids. If you are worried about your babysitter’s surfing habits, install a parental-control filter. And if you catch her violating the rules or snooping around your files, show her the door.

The babysitter is always late

What to do: Bring it up gently

never on timeIf your babysitter tends to be tardy, be very clear about your schedule when you call to book her: for example you can say, “we’re seeing a movie at 8 o’clock, and we need to leave the house no later than 7:30.” You can also add in some extra time by asking her to arrive 15 minutes earlier than you need her. Also, let her know that you won’t tolerate last-minute cancellations, and if she has to, she’ll need to arrange for a backup babysitter (a friend or sibling you’ve previously met and approved) on her own.

The babysitter is constantly on her cell phone.

What to do: Discuss the problem right away and give her a warning

Your sitter’s eyes and ears should be on your child, not her text messages. Don’t feel bad about asking her to hold all calls until after your kids are asleep. Since excessive phone use is something you’re most likely to hear about from your child, be diplomatic when you correct your sitter about the phone using habits: You could say, “next time, can you please tell your friends you’ll call back after you’re done with work?”