The Impact of Our Environment on Productivity

Maintaining a clean and tidy work environment is very important. Key things like efficiency, productivity and morale are all directly affected by the hygiene levels of your environment. However, the impact of a well-presented and cleanly environment carries wider repercussions.

The building of the company/organization also acts as a form of marketing for their business. So, a clean, modern and contemporary work environment will create a lasting impression for potential clients and staff. A dirty, dingy and outdated office will similarly be remembered, and can be damaging to business. The importance of cleanliness should never be underestimated.

Cleaner Environment Produce Healthier Employees

sick in the officeOne of the fundamental human requirements, is working in an environment that allows people to perform their work optimally. This means working under comfortable conditions. Most employers will already be aware of the fact that the less sick days taken by employees, the greater the productivity. However, they are unaware of the worrying statistics around employee health.

A clean office, with free, fresh fruit and readily available chilled water will aid in the revitalization of employees, boosting their energy, vitamin intake and immune system. But a dusty environment can cause staffs to get ill with cold or flu. Once they have the flu virus they can spread it to 50% of the office in about 4-5 hours.

Environment Impact On Office Equipment

macbook in officeDirty equipment can short-circuit or become over-heated. This consequently poses a serious fire risk and consequently, a risk to life. It is equally important to keep your office tidy. Businesses produce a lot of paperwork and have plenty of flammable items in close proximity to one another. To minimize the risk of fire spreading, you should regularly empty paper recycling points, bins and tidy stray sheets and other materials from your work area.

Dirty equipment is also less likely to last and can cost the company a substantial amount of money when parts or entire office items need replacing.