A Narrative of a Liberian Maid

Today, we have decided to share with you a story. This story is being narrated by one of our maids, and she believes that a maid should be allowed to be attractive when at work. Feel free to leave comments, enjoy and thanks for taking out your time to read.

I am Hannah Kanneh, a maid by profession. I am from a country where maids are judged by their appearance. In the country (Liberia) where I am from, most people believe a maid shouldn’t be attractive or beautiful. They believe maids should look like someone who appears to be suffering, and or should appear unattractive. Some people think an attractive looking maid is a threat or would be a threat to their relationship.

Maid Brigade Services thinks people perception about beautiful or attractive maids are odd and needs to be addressed. Our society thinks a domestic staff should not have their hair done, and should not make-up or do stuff that is done by other women, while at work or even after work. I strongly believe, a house-help represents cleanliness which is very essential to the job. I for one think a domestic staff should look attractive, and dress properly when at work as to not tempt the other party.

A maid should be allowed to do her hair and make-up nicely. She should be allow to look neat every time to keep her lively and not dead or making her to feel low about herself. We as a team of maids are asking that people stop the bad perception about us maids. We are humans and have feelings and taste for fashion too. I also want to look beautiful and attractive when doing my career job.

Maid Brigade Services: What we think…

Maid Brigade Services is a professional service, and as such we train our maids to take great care of themselves. Looking attractive is one of the most important aspect of this job. So we don’t support people who look down on maids in any forms or shades. Maids should be allowed to look attractive, and they are not salves.

We at Maid Brigade Services work endlessly to protect our maids from such molestation. And we ask that the public do change their bad mind-set of maids. Furthermore, with us you will always get the best maids, etc.

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