Home Cleaning Services for the Elderly

In most of today’s developed countries, there are homes where seniors or the elderly stay for people to care for their many needs. These places are referred to by various names and list a few; they are called retirement homes, old folks’ homes, older people’s homes, nursing homes, etc. Now, in most African countries, one may not find these homes; to be exact, Liberia doesn’t have such a place. Home cleaning services for the elderly are a necessity for old folks living in countries such as Liberia.

You’re probably wondering; how are seniors getting cared for in Liberia? A simple response is, they’re cared for by their younger family members. Younger family members caring for the elderly could lead to an issue because they need to get a job to put food on the table, and this is where “home cleaning services for the elderly” comes into play.

But there are other ways one can help the elderly in their neighborhood. One could visit and voluntarily ask them if they need your help. You may have seen them occupied with household chores trying to keep things clean, provide meals, and buy stuff for everyone. By making an effort to help them out would be great.

In most cases, neighbors are also very busy with their own problems that they pay little or no attention to an older person living next door. So home cleaning services for the elderly are required in countries like Liberia, where there are no nursing homes, and family members may not have the time to care for the old.

Who needs these services?

Families that cannot cater to old folks who want to age at home and need someone to watch over the elderly will require such a service. Services they might require may include; house cleaning, personal care assistance, meal prep, money management, and pet care. These services get rendered during working days when family members are busy at work. One may come to realize that there are benefits of hiring a maid company for older people.

The estimated cost?

It might cost between $120 to $150 for biweekly home cleaning services for the elderly. The average cost per home is around $135/biweekly services. The prices mentioned on this site are all listed in United States dollars. For more information on services provided, please contact us via phone, email, or use our contact us form.