Maid Brigade Services – Why Feedback is important to cleaning service

Home is meant to be a place to relax, and this is only made possible if the place is clean. Wouldn’t you want the best if you are paying for the cleaning service? Why not give a feedback…

Speak and let us know

Most clients are afraid to speak up. But this shouldn’t be the case, when you are paying for a service. Especially when it comes to someone cleaning your home. Be it good or bad, it is important to let your service know what’s working and not working. Cleaning is a true art form, and the best way for someone to get better at it is through feedback.

Do you remember the last time someone gave you feedback? Complimented you on your work or simply mentioned something about you that you haven’t heard before?

That’s what feedback does: it enables you to look at situations and yourself differently, it unlocks self-reflection and growth, and opens the gate to change. Same goes for giving feedback. We see situations and people through a mirror covered with our own experiences, feelings and perceptions. That’s why giving is just as beneficial as receiving feedback, because it makes us think, reflect, and consider other views as well.

Collect feedback from clients

Wouldn’t it be easy if your cleaning service leaves behind comment card, but what if they don’t? To make your expectations clear, speak directly to them rather that be through a phone call or in person. If you are too busy during the day for a conversation an email would work too.

Remember, nobody is perfect, so if you are going to give criticism try to make it constructive. We have also noticed that our cleaning staffs become motivated when given positive feedback. If you like how the cleaning service is doing be sure to let them know. It is a great way to improve the excellence and ensure a tidier home.

Good or bad, your cleaning service should always look for the truth, it’s a great way for them to grow.


Feedback works best when it relates to a specific goal. Establishing cleaning staff performance expectations and goals before work begins is the key to providing tangible, objective, and powerful feedback. Telling cleaning staffs that they are doing well because they exceeded their goal by 10% is more effective than simply saying “you’re doing a good job.”


Domestic staffs should receive information about how they’re doing as timely as possible. If improvement needs to be made in their performance, the sooner they find out about it the sooner they can correct the problem. If employees have reached or exceeded a goal, the sooner they receive positive feedback, the more rewarding it is to them.