Nanny vs. Day Care: Which do you prefer for your kids

Today, we are going to talk about nanny vs daycare. We will be giving you the pros and cons of both, and you can decide which is better for your kids. As you are aware, it is really difficult to decide which is better. However, we will discuss the disadvantages and advantages of them.

Nanny: Pros and Cons

A nanny gives your child/children one on one or personalized attention. One of which could be compared to what a parent would provide. Your kid or kids would be exposed to less germs. Nannies are more flexible with their time than a daycare. Meaning, you could have late night-out or travel, and the nanny would be around to help.

A nanny takes care of your child/children from within your home. Allowing you not to pack a bag everyday for drop off. Nannies can or may also help with light house work. This would include doing the laundry, and cleaning of the home. With a nanny, would still have to enroll your kid or kids in preschool.

On on one attention is the biggest of the pros to having a nanny. This produces a strong bond between the child or children with the nanny. However, a nanny can leave you in a lurch if she quits, becomes sick or just don’t want to show up at work.

Daycare: Pros and Cons

Daycare provides children with more caregivers as compared to one. With a daycare, your child or children get to socialize with many other kids, which helps in building relationships with others. This would also cause them to be exposed to many germs. But it will also help them build immunity in their early life. At least by the time they start kindergarten, they would be less prone to illnesses.

Some say day care are reliable and some say is not but is up you as a parent to decide. They have a rigid pick up and drop off times. They are also close during holidays.

Nanny vs Daycare: More insight

For a more in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of nanny vs daycare, please click or review the image below.

Note: An excellent nanny is always better than a lousy daycare center. Also an excellent daycare is always superior to a bad nanny.

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