Babysitter Absence: Have your babysitter stood you up?

Hi, and my name is Susan. Recently, I started a new job contract with one of the Ministries. This new job requires that I start work at 8:30am. With the current situation of the traffic congestion, I would need to leave my home at around 7:30am. In order to reach my office on time. I discussed with my babysitter after I had signed my contract that the previous agreement between she and I would have to change. Previously, I’ve been allowing her to come back from weekend on Monday mornings. It has been a norm, that she goes Friday 6pm comes and return Monday 8:30am.

This my nanny aunt Tilda, I hired her through a recommendation from a certain lady who said she knew a young lady who was unemployed and needed to sustain herself and her siblings. On our first meeting we discussed about our family structures, our wishes, and work ethics. We also spoke a little about our personal life. Due to us being honest with each other, I agreed that she will take weekends off. Sadly, this would all have to come to an end with this new job.

After I signed my new contract, I spoke to the babysitter instructing of the changes. These changes included her coming back to work on Sunday or Monday between 7am – 7:30am. Now this week my kids are off school vacation; I contacted aunt Tilda, and she insured me that she the babysitter would return on Sunday evening but she didn’t. I called and I called the babysitter’s number getting no response. So I decided to lay low on the calls, and thinking maybe she was busy.

Monday morning came, and the babysitter didn’t show up again. So I tried calling her again but this time around her phone was off. Damn, thinking to myself… What can a woman do? Remembering I am foreigner in this country, with 3 kids, they are too young to leave them at home all by themselves. As I wasn’t willing to call off work because I’m a key leader in introducing a major project to the Ministry.

Um, as I was thinking… I can leave them in the house… but what will they eat? Will they be safe? Within my desperation I thought to myself, why don’t I just google, google a place where you can drop off the kids and pick them later. What a great idea, I said to myself and within a few searches I found a maid service agency (Maid Brigade Services).

I called them and they told me about their packages and fees. I agreed and gave the location of where I lived. In a few minutes, someone was at my door from the said agency with a written contract, which took responsibility of any mishaps of the babysitters. Meaning that, if a babysitter can’t come to work another babysitter replaces her for that day or the duration of the period of her absence.

So after reading the contract, I signed it so fast. Left them (Maid Brigade Services) at home with the keys and my kids. I must admit, that I got to work a bit late. But I was relived to have gotten someone to look after my kids. Now I’ve been with this agency for 6 months. I can now say, I made the right choice of signing that contract.