Babysitter: Life as an Employer

Life as an Employer: Introduction

I’m a mother to a baby boy, and an employer of a babysitter. When I started looking for a babysitter, I wasn’t just looking for anyone. There were a lot of stuff which I took into consideration. As the employer, I imagined and wanted someone “perfect” to babysit my boy. After all, I could have hired anyone for cheap. Cheap is good but can be very costly. So for me, that wasn’t what I needed. When it was time for interviewing the potential person, a lot needed to be done. I first looked at the household needs and duties involved, but most importantly what was great for my kid.

Life as an Employer: The hunt for the babysitter begins

So I went with my instincts as a mother. Or you could say, my personal feelings about the people I interviewed. I took into consideration that this person will play a large role in my family’s personal life. Also this person would be spending a lot of time with my baby. To me a person’s nature is more important than his or her skills. So, I always try to find out personal details about the person, including their family, children, and what’s their background like. I also make a copy of their identification card because you can never know. I also take into consideration their ability to read. This is very important to me. It is important that they also help in my baby’s learning process.

Life as an Employer: Experience is very important

Experience is also very important. With this in mind, I also discussed the expectations and gave them the ground rules. Most times, I go into identifying and explaining in detail the duties and responsibilities of the position. Making sure I also tell the individual what their normal hours would be like, phone usage etc. I try to give the person a philosophy concerning the care of my child.

Life as an Employer: The negotiating of salary

Lastly, we discussed the salary and went through the whole negotiating process. I must say, hiring is not easy. Because when the person starts work, it is even more difficult. Difficult because you have to keep an eye on the individual. Also, you have to be very careful as to how you treat them, because that might have an effect on how the individual treats your child. It isn’t easy having to find a babysitter or a nanny after all.

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